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Today is an AMAZING Day!

We waited two years but today out of nowhere EA dropped toddlers on us. Not literally! But today is a great day for the Simming Community. The fans have been asking for two solid years for the little guys and gals back and some of us had doubts they wouldn’t return, some kept on faithfully hoping the Gurus would answer our prayers.

And they have. And I’m going to say right now after an hour of play time, Well Done to every single guru who had a part in toddlers. They are amazing. The toddlers in the sims 4 are a combination of the toddlers in two and three but better. They have real little personalities that shine through and our options to customise them is so much better, right down to picking their little toddler teeth.

I adore the new traits, the new clothing items are so sweet and the new toddler items are fantastic. I love how they walk unsteadily and they can get better via the movement skill, I love that they drink out of little sippy cups and that their parents can choose what food to give them. And their nightmares are just so realistic and cute. I love the fact my current toddler wanted to take his clothes off and walk about, (the amount of toddlers I’ve seen doing that in real life!)

Well Done EA you have knocked it out of the park.  You can tell there has been so much love, effort and hard work put into giving us toddlers and it has been worth the wait.

I admit without toddlers I was struggling with the game. I love my sim families, I love the cradle to grave experience and I struggled without toddlers in my game. I am so excited and so happy they are back!

Give yourself a pat on the back Sim Gurus!




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