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Setbacks and Changes!

Hey Everyone,

So those that follow me on Twitter and those who are on the Sims Official Forums may know I had some issues with my story A New Direction. I don’t mean from a writing perspective. I mean game play issues. My game started crashing and wouldn’t open up my save file. I ended up having to do a full reset of the game and I thought I had my game backed up. Turns out I hadn’t so I lost everything. I know it’s not my pc and a quick search shows I’m not alone with having issues but its frustrating none the less.

To say I was sad was a understatment. I was really enjoying writing A New Direction and I was really glad that other people seemed to be enjoying it too. I’m annoyed at myself as I genuinely thought it was backed up. At the same time I am very relieved that I wasn’t far into the story.

I did try to recreate the characters but I found that easier said than done. Leon was especially hard because he was born in-game and his father was a simmer I had created and then deleted when he was no longer required. So I’m sorry for the fact that story will not be returning and I can only hope that you like my next story just as much.

Which brings me to my next point. The reason I’ve not uploaded anything else in the past week (and why its taken me so long to get to this point of updating my blog) is because I’m not sure I want to write Sim lit based upon the sims 4 any more. I like the game. I love the toddlers, I think they are amazing and definitely the best toddlers the series has seen. I’ve realised from just playing the sims 4 when I’ve had the chance over the past week is that toddlers (as amazing as they are) aren’t enough for me.

One of the things I love about writing (whether its Sim lit or non sims creative writing) is I have full creative freedom, they are my characters in the world I create for them and I’m only limited by my imagination. I think that is the case for a lot of simmers, considering the games sandbox nature. I just feel that I don’t have that full creative freedom with the sims 4. I feel very limited with the characters that I can create because as I’ve discovered recently with my own game play is that my characters aren’t well-rounded. I can pretend they are and I can manipulate them to have reactions to things the way I want them too but if I don’t believe in their characters, I know I’m going to struggle to get a reader to believe it.

This is not intended to bash the Sims 4. It’s not a bad game by any stretch. I’ll probably keep dipping in and out of it as a player even if it means keeping a permanent toddler in the house hold. So perhaps having pc issues was a strange kind of blessing in disguise as it had made me think about what kind of stories I want to write and whats the best game to do that with.

If I’m honest, that game is not the sims 4. It may be one day. But right now it’s not. I think I’m going to re start with the Sims 2 or 3. More likely The Sims 3.

I go on my honeymoon next week. Hopefully will have a chapter up before I leave!

Thanks for reading!

MidnightAura 🙂



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