The sims

The Braverman Legacy – Founder

So I’ve decided to do a Legacy for my next story. Reason for it is because I really like the whole rags to riches aspect of it, I love to see my sims progress from nothing to having it all. (Or nearly it all!)

Its also a personal kind of challenge because I am notoriously bad at Legacies. The furthest I have gotten is Generation six in the Sims 3. I didn’t want to start my story on Generation six but rather start at the beginning and grow the household naturally.

So my Legacy Founder is a Scarlett Braverman.screenshot-8

She is a young adult, fresh from Bridgeport where she was a regular at the cities bars and clubs. She had aspirations of becoming an actress and she was loving her life in her little studio apartment. Scarlett was definitely no stranger to burning the candle at both ends and she wasn’t adverse to taking risks and trying new things.

But when she gets the call that her Mum is sick, Scarlett moves back home to Belladonna cove to look after her. She is an only child so while it pains her to be giving up her city life, she has no regrets about moving back to take care of her Mum.

Her traits have been randomised and are as follows:

Good Sense of Humor, Clumsy, Irrestible, Schmoozer and Kleptomaniac. Her LTW is to be “Swimming in cash”


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