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The Braverman Legacy – Chapter 4-Scarlett goes back to school

Wednesday morning was a wet, miserable day. In spite of that Scarlett was feeling optimistic as she approached Appaloosa Plains Academy. Her trip to the library the other day had resulted in her getting a job as a Playground Aide at the local school. While it was true up until this point in her life Scarlett hadn’t had a desire to work in a school, it was also true that Scarlett didn’t really know what career path she wanted to take. She had chosen the school job for the simple reason the pay was ok and she could start right away. Scarlett also had weekends off which pleased her a great deal.Screenshot-92.jpg

Stepping out of the cab, Scarlett stopped to admire the splendour of the school building with its brick walls and sloping roof. The school yard was immaculate with picnic tables for students to use. Scarlett hoped that somewhere her Mum was looking down on her and was proud of her for finally getting a job and standing on her own two feet at last.

The day passed in a blur, Scarlett was kept busy assisting teachers and watching the children at break times. To her surprise, she didn’t hate it quite as much as she thought she would. Before she knew it the final bell was ringing to signal home time and once the last student had left the building, Scarlett happily followed.

What to do though now? She didn’t feel quite like going back to the lot yet as it still felt a little early. Scarlett desperately needed to blow off some steam. She deserved it after all finishing her first day at work. Suddenly she remembered the karaoke bar not far from here; as it was only her first week Scarlett hadn’t yet been but there was no time like the present.

Feeling confident Scarlett took the microphone and belted out a pop tune.Screenshot-56.jpg

She didn’t think her voice was too bad but she knew she was no diva either.Screenshot-57.jpg

Luckily the bar was pretty quiet with only a few of the regulars propping up the bar so Scarlett didn’t feel too embarrassed at her attempt at singing. After her first song, she was joined by one of the women who had been at the bar, asking her to sing a duet. Scarlett agreed. She was feeling good by this point.Screenshot-59.jpg

Midway through the song, Scarlett’s pocket started to vibrate, seconds later her cell phone started to chime. Screenshot-60.jpg

Glancing at it, Scarlett could see the name Benjamin appear on the screen. He was keen! Not wanting to interrupt the duet Scarlett had to wait till the song was over before she returned Benjamin’s call. He answered on the first ring, his voice making Scarlett feel all tingly. Benjamin was calling to suggest a date! Scarlett suggested he just meet her here at the bar and Benjamin said he would be right there. Surprised at his keenness Scarlett geared herself up mentally to see Benjamin. She looked ok she thought, smart but casual. Definitely not too keen.

Benjamin arrived as promised within 30 minutes. Together they went upstairs to play a game of snooker but neither were really interested in playing. One thing was leading to another.Screenshot-65.jpgScreenshot-67.jpg

Scarlett was feeling tired from her long day and she wanted to go home, she didn’t want to call her date with Benjamin off so early but she didn’t want him to get the wrong idea by inviting him home on the first date. She wasn’t going to woohoo on the first date.

Soon though Scarlett was really struggling to keep her eyes open. Noticing this, Benjamin offered to give her a ride home which she accepted.Screenshot-68.jpg Scarlett felt anxious though at the prospect of Benjamin seeing her house, she was more than a little embarrassed by it. She also didn’t want to have to explain to Benjamin about her Mum and her will. It was too early for that. As Benjamin pulled up outside her house, Scarlett braced herself for the inevitable questions, but Benjamin was still engrossed in a story he had been telling her in the car home. Due to that Scarlett didn’t realise what happened next had happened next until she was in the house making them a quick snack she remembered Benjamin being enthusiastic enough for in the journey home. Screenshot-69.jpg

Benjamin had gone.

He had got out of the car and between the car and her front door he had legged it. What the hell? Scarlett tried to remember if he had said he was leaving but she couldn’t think of it. All she remembered was going up to the front door, unlocking it and hearing his voice behind her talking about some silly football game or something.

Why had he left? Was she that awful he couldn’t even say goodbye? Was it her house that had put him off? So many what ifs. Scarlett considered texting him but to hell with that, he knew he had been an ass, it would be too awkward to call and ask about his disappearing act and besides Scarlett had more pride in that.  Scarlett had thought Benjamin was a nice man, perhaps she thought wrong.

As she climbed into bed, she hoped tomorrow would provide an explanation for Benjamin’s rude behaviour at least it better.  Screenshot-87.jpg


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