The sims

Chapter 5 – Summer Days & Scary Nights

Scarlett is determined not to let events with Benjamin get her down and goes to the Summer Festival to celebrate Leisure Day where she actually enjoys herself. Her happiness is short lived as that evening she gets an unexpected visit….



Thursday Morning dawned bright and early.  Scarlett had tossed and turned through the night wondering what Benjamin’s game was. Wandering out to the edge of the property she picked up the newspaper and absently opened it. Casting her eyes over the local news stories, Scarlett didn’t really pay much attention. Who really cared if so and so had another baby and if there was a football game on this weekend? God nothing exciting happened in this town!Screenshot-20.jpg

Just as she was about to put the paper in the trash can, an article caught her eye about the Appaloossa Plains Summer Festival. This sounded kind of interesting. The article went on to say how long the festival would last and what kind of activities there were. Some of it sounded a little bit lame for her, but some of it like roller skating sounded fun. What was the alternative? To sit in her little hut and obsess over Benjamin? No way that wasn’t Scarlett Braverman.

But before Scarlett could go anywhere she would need to shower. Unfortunately that meant a trip to the gym. But to hell with it. Scarlett needed to shower, so what if she bumped into Benjamin? She had nothing to be ashamed of.

It didn’t stop her feeling ever so slightly anxious as she entered the gym. She quickly made her way to the girl’s locker room and quickly washed and got dressed before heading back out. No sign of Benjamin. Phew!Screenshot-72.jpg

Hailing a cab outside, Scarlett made her way to the festival grounds. Hoping she wouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb as she was alone. As she stepped into the grounds she felt slightly awed at the scene before her. From the entrance Scarlett could see multiple food stands, what appeared to be some kind of hot dog eating contest and further back she could see a roller rink with a few people already skating round and a few children next to it having a water balloon fight.

Not knowing what to do next Scarlett cautiously approached a barn that stood to the rear of the grounds. If nothing else it would give her some shade from the blazing sun light. Pushing open the door, Scarlett was slightly disappointed to find the room empty. Well almost empty. A black and white cat sat washing its paws on the far side of the room. Scarlett quietly moved towards it. She loved cats. The cat stopped washing its paws, turned and flounced out the door, its tail high in the air. Behind her Scarlett heard a laugh: “Don’t mind Oreo, she doesn’t like strangers”

Scarlett turned and found herself face to face with a man with untidy black hair, a checked shirt and jeans.Screenshot-73.jpg “He looks like my Mum’s old cat,” said Scarlett by way of explanation. She didn’t want the man thinking she wandered the town harassing the cats. “He can be friendly enough, he is just a bit funny with strangers,” replied the man.screenshot-75

Scarlett nodded. “I can see that,” She headed towards the door herself. She wasn’t really in a sociable mood. Luckily the man said no more and Scarlett was by herself again.

Heading outside into the dazzling sun shine, Scarlett couldn’t help but feel a little bit lonely. The thing with festivals is, most people were here with someone or several people. She couldn’t see anyone else on their own. Not wanting to try any of the activities like roller skating on her own, Scarlett headed towards a little pond she had seen when she came in. Standing next to it was a great weeping willow tree. Flowers were dotted around its trunk. Scarlett couldn’t resist picking a few. They were simply beautiful!

Scarlett was barely visible to passers-by thanks to the shade of the willow tree. It was nice, being able to reflect in peace in such a picturesque spot that was for sure. Now had to be a good time to try fishing. Nobody was watching so Scarlett wouldn’t feel self-conscious if she was rubbish at it.Screenshot-99.jpg

Scarlett was stood under the willow tree for almost 15 minutes, poised with her fishing rod when she heard the girly, high pitched  sounding laugh from nearby. Perhaps it was because it was so high-pitched that what caught her attention. Seconds later it sounded again but this time she heard a voice accompanying it. Two voices. The second voice was male.

It couldn’t be.The voice was familiar. Tip toeing around the lake, trying to remain hidden, Scarlett peered out from under the branches of the tree.Screenshot-101.jpg

And there it was Benjamin with his arms wrapped around another woman, gazing at her like she was the only woman at the festival.

Scarlett had to stop herself from going over and making a scene. It wasn’t just because he was already with another woman who bothered her; Benjamin had made her feel like an idiot last night and she wanted an explanation.

But she was rooted to her spot under the tree. It probably was better for her not to confront him in front of someone else. Scarlett would be the one to look foolish and in a small town like Appaloosa Plains, Scarlett would give the locals gossips to dine on for weeks.

Putting her fishing rod away, Scarlett left the pond side, careful not to be seen by Benjamin and the mystery girl. Feeling confused Scarlett headed towards the exit. On her way there she bumped into the dark-haired man from the barn. He introduced himself as Felipe and managed to persuade her to have a water balloon fight which turned out to be a lot of fun.Screenshot-80.jpgEspecially  when she imagined the target was a certain person with brown hair and a bushy beard!

Afterward they entered the hot dog eating contest. To Scarlett’s surprise she won! But then she hadn’t been eating well since she moved here so that probably explained a lot. Screenshot-86.jpgScarlett felt grateful to Felipe for giving her some company, he seemed like an okay guy. Scarlett had found out he was a police officer. He mentioned no wife and family and Scarlett didn’t care enough to ask. She wasn’t looking at him that way!

Heading home armed with her prize from the contest of hot dogs, Scarlett flopped into her bed. Before she knew it she was fast asleep, tired from her long day.


Perhaps because it was Scarlett had fallen asleep earlier than usual that alerted Scarlett to the noise later that night. She could hear footsteps. The noise was increasing the closer it got to the house.  Louder and louder. screenshot-117When the front door knob turned Scarlett jumped in fright and reached for her cell phone dialling the police.

Seconds later the door opened and in swaggered the burglar, not caring that she was there as he robbed her home. Screenshot-118.jpgThe police turned up shortly after and a scuffle broke out.Screenshot-120.jpg Unfortunately the burglar won, leaving the police officer dazed on the floor, he turned and strode out into the night leaving the officer to talk to Scarlett.Screenshot-123.jpg

What could really be said though? Apologies couldn’t bring back the toilet the burglar had stolen. He had got off free, the bastard. What an end to the day!


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