The Callahan Diaries: From 0 to 100 Babies

The Callahan Diaries – From here to 100 Babies!

Writer’s Note –  This story is based on the 100 Baby Challenge for the Sims 4. I will mostly adhere to stick to the rules but may occasionally (if the story requires it) side step. I’ve never finished the 100 baby challenge and I thought it might be fun to write about.

Meet Madison Callahan our 100 baby founder:02-21-17_12-28-08 PM.pngI hope she is still smiling when she has lots of little ones running about.

Madison’s Aspiration is to have a big family. She is romantic, family oriented and creative. My original plan was for her to earn money by publishing books but that seems to be out the window as you will see she quite likes painting. (That and looking up vampires, I mean seriously Twilight is over Girl!)

Anyhow in keeping with the rules I built Madison’s house for her:02-21-17_1-25-02 PM.pngArchitect of the year right here!

I didn’t have a lot to work with and sadly with me building, this was the best she was going to get. The room with no light behind the bathroom will be the baby’s room, I just left it undecorated. Partly because she had no money but also because I prefer to decorate once the baby or babies arrive.  It’s incredibly basic but it will do.

02-21-17_1-29-39 PM.png



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