The Braverman Legacy

Chapter 6 – Letting Go


Still reeling from the break in, Scarlett tries to move on but finds letting go harder than it sounds. The break in won’t be the only thing She struggles to forget about…  

Not even news of a promotion could put a smile on Scarlett’s face that Friday morning. Still reeling from the break in, Scarlett felt uncomfortable in her own home. While she had managed to replace the stolen items Scarlett hadn’t been able to buy a burglar alarm.  She had spent the past few days jumping at every little sound she heard. What if the burglar came back? She hadn’t exactly put up a fight and she had shown herself to be the easy target that she was.




Glancing outside the windows of the school building, there was nothing to see but rain pouring leaving big puddles in the school ground. There went Scarlett’s plans to visit the Fall Festival that afternoon after work.screenshot-93


Two pm arrived much quicker than Scarlett thought. She really didn’t feel like going home right now. Scarlett thought about catching a movie but realised she would feel funny about going on her own.  Walking around the town Scarlett hesitated outside the book store for a few seconds before pushing open the door and going in.




Emerging from the store thirty minutes later with a bag full of cooking books Scarlett decided to try some fishing again. One of her work colleagues had mentioned a secluded pond that was supposed to be great for fishing so after checking for directions, Scarlett headed up that way.screenshot-5


Standing next to the water’s edge, Scarlett felt herself start to relax. She felt like she was in a different world. A world where her house hadn’t been broken in too and she hadn’t lost her Mum.Screenshot-6.jpg


Even though she didn’t catch anything Scarlett felt happy as she returned home that evening. She was keen to try some of the new recipes she had bought and was planning to read through some of her new books that evening. Stopping by the mail box on the way in Scarlett pulled out a bunch of things: junk mail, bills and an envelope with Scarlett Braverman scrawled in messy hand writing on the front.Screenshot-40.jpg




Turning over the envelope, Scarlett felt her heart rate quicken. Inside was a simple white sheet of paper with a message:


Scarlett, I think you are special


And we could have something good here


Give me a call sometime – Ben




Scarlett couldn’t help but wonder what prompted Benjamin to send her a letter. As sweet as it was, it was also a little old-fashioned and unexpected for Scarlett. There was something about Benjamin that Scarlett liked. She couldn’t help it. Picking up her phone Scarlett hesitated in dialling his number. No she wouldn’t call him. Not tonight anyway.  He could wait until tomorrow.






Saturday was another miserable and wet Autumn Day. The weather matched Scarlett’s mood. Unable to cope with the idea of sitting in the house all day, Scarlett grabbed her jacket and headed for the Fall Festival, rain wasn’t going to stop her.screenshot-29Screenshot-31.jpg


As Scarlett explored the haunted mansion by herself, she had to admit it wasn’t quite as much fun as the Summer Festival where she had Felipe for company. Because of the weather the festival was quiet, the only other people there were a couple of school children Scarlett vaguely recognised from school. Screenshot-32.jpgBuying some fries and settling down on a wet park bench to eat, Scarlett couldn’t deny how lonely she felt. Back home there had always been someone to chat too or go out for a drink with; Scarlett had to face the facts. In Appaloosa Plains Scarlett had no one.Screenshot-33.jpg




After the food was finished Scarlett decided to leave. Still not ready to go home yet, Scarlett stopped by one of the bars.  Getting inside into the warmth felt amazing and even though the bar was pretty quiet Scarlett was quite happy playing on the arcade machines.Screenshot-47.jpg When she had enough of that Scarlett headed upstairs to play Gnubb a game she was very familiar with home. Scarlett had a pang of home sickness. As she leaned over the table to take her shot, a voice interrupted Scarlett’s thoughts.Screenshot-45.jpg


“Do you want a drink?”


The voice belonged to the bar man. As their eyes met, Scarlett couldn’t help but notice how cute he was. Ding Bloody DongScreenshot-43.jpg


“Yes Please,” Scarlett responded, coming over to the bar.  She ordered some wine. She couldn’t help but stare at the barman as he made her drink. It was a shame he wasn’t on the menu.


Unfortunately for Scarlett, the bar man wasn’t really interested in engaging with her any further than a discussion on the weather. Not for want of trying. Scarlett had been sat at the bar for a few hours now. Darkness was beginning to fall outside.


If it weren’t for the many drinks Scarlett had consumed at the bar, Scarlett wouldn’t have found herself dialling Benjamin’s number. The drinks had went straight to her head and Scarlett was feeling a little tipsy.  Screenshot-42.jpgTo her greater surprise Benjamin didn’t notice when he answered her call. To Scarlett’s even greater surprise he agreed to meet her there!


Not having a lot of time to guss herself up Scarlett decided she would have to do. If Benjamin couldn’t handle her looking the way she did now, did he deserve her? When Benjamin arrived at the bar, Scarlett greeted him enthusiastically:Screenshot-50.jpgScreenshot-51.jpg


If Benjamin was surprised by this, he didn’t show it. Suggesting they get away from the glare of the bouncer for the PDA Benjamin offered to take Scarlett home. Scarlett agreed. Still feeling the effects of the wine her mind had turned to other things with Benjamin. It sure wasn’t talking.


Once they got in to Scarlett’s house, she made him some macaroni. Food was a way to a mans heart after all. Or so she had been told. Scarlett was feeling very giggly but Benjamin either didn’t care or didn’t notice.Screenshot-56.jpg


Afterwards they sat outside and watched the stars. It had been Benjamin’s idea but Scarlett was happy to go along with it. The night air was good for her head right now and she enjoyed sitting close to Benjamin, having a giggle as he pointed out planets and stars she had never heard of.Screenshot-60.jpgScreenshot-58.jpg


Soon though she was feeling the chill in her bones. Standing up, Scarlett invited Benjamin back inside. It was almost midnight but Scarlett didn’t want the night to end. Yet.


As she let out a shiver from the cold, Benjamin wrapped his strong arms around her.

Pulling her to him, Scarlett started to feel a lot warmer. As one thing lead to another, Scarlett didn’t object when things had moved over on to her bed.screenshot-62  With all the wine she had, she wasn’t thinking straight. All she knew was at that moment in time, she wanted Benjamin. Screenshot-63.jpg


A decision she may regret come the cold light of day….



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