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The Callahan Diaries Entry 2 – An Unexpected Visitor

Dear Diary,

You won’t believe what happened today. I still cant believe it myself. Diego turned up out the blue demanding “to see his Daughter” You remember Diego, currently competing for the title of Father of the Year, having seen his daughter a grand total of zero times since her birth.    

I almost died when I walked out the bathroom with Mckenzie to see him sitting at the table with Cassie. I can’t believe he still has a key to my house. Cheeky Bastard just walked right in, I mean how dare he! Because the kids were there I had to control my temper. I did not want to lose it in front of them. But what nerve! Cassie has asked once or twice about a Daddy but at four years old, its not something we have had a heavy discussion on. Diego has never met her.02-27-17_10-34-36 PM.png

She did seem to take the introduction to Diego okay. But Cassie would be sweet to the devil. Once Cassie and Mckenzie were out of earshot I tore Diego a new one. How dare he just turn up out the blue! Diego’s reaction was pathetic:

02-27-17_10-18-05 PM.png 02-27-17_10-18-23 PM.png02-27-17_10-18-30 PM.png

To smash his Daughters Doll house. How mature. And my Mother wonders why I don’t want a relationship when this is the crap that men do?02-23-17_10-28-28-pm02-27-17_10-20-28 PM.png

Both Cassie and Mckenzie took the loss of the Doll house hard. They were both so upset by it, I couldn’t get any painting done. How could I leave them both so upset by that rats behaviour? I couldn’t. 

The kids are finally asleep and I’m about to join them. Hopefully Diego won’t be back anytime soon. Note to self: Get the locks changed! 02-27-17_10-23-41 PM.png


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