The sims

Chapter 7 -That Night Has A Lot To Answer For

After her last encounter with Benjamin, Scarlett gets some life changing news…

Walking out the hospital, Scarlett felt completely over whelmed. What she had thought was going to be a standard appointment had turned out to be anything but. At worst Scarlett had expected a stomach flu diagnosis. But the Doctor said otherwise.Screenshot-3.jpg

Scarlett is pregnant. Pregnant. Pregnant!  She was going to have a baby. She couldn’t believe it. How would she cope? Scarlett didn’t have space for a baby, not to mention she wasn’t even sure she was ready for a baby.

Trying to pretend it wasn’t happening Scarlett found herself going to the cinema. She couldn’t concentrate on the story unfolding on the big screen, how could she when she had her own real life drama to contend with?Screenshot-4.jpg

Later that evening as Scarlett was trying to read her recipe books, her thoughts turned to Benjamin. Scarlett would have to tell him of course. She wondered what his reaction would be. Benjamin hadn’t contacted her once since their night together. How could Scarlett tell him she was pregnant? “Hi Benjamin, remember that night? Well guess what we have a souvenir” Maybe not.

Scarlett was terrified. This wasn’t how she imagined her first pregnancy would be. Looking around her tiny home, Scarlett tried to envision a baby and all their peripherals in the room. Scarlett knew though somehow she would have to make it work. Even if Benjamin wasn’t part of it. Scarlett was dreading telling him though.

A few weeks had passed and Scarlett still couldn’t work up the nerve to tell Benjamin her news. Now she was on maternity leave, Scarlett hadn’t been braving the cold, snowy weather much so she didn’t even have the chance to bump into him around town. Biting the bullet though Scarlett bravely invited him over one afternoon. Benjamin sounded surprised to hear from her which only made Scarlett feel more nervous about breaking the news.

Once Scarlett had taken off her coat though, there was no hiding her baby bump, Benjamin’s eyes widened and then a furious expression crossed his face. Screenshot-35.jpg“What the hell?” Benjamin said. “You can’t be, we were careful, you can’t do this to me!”

“Do this to you?” Scarlett retorted. “You aren’t the one getting fat and throwing up and having constant back ache and it takes two to make a baby in case you forget!”Screenshot-14.jpg

“Well I don’t want it,” Benjamin exclaimed, his voice rising. “If you want to have it, so be it but don’t expect anything from me”

And with that he turned and stormed out, slamming the front door behind him.  As Scarlett made herself some dinner she couldn’t stop thinking about Benjamin. His reaction hadn’t surprised her but it still saddened her.  Scarlett didn’t want Benjamin as a partner but it would have made her feel less alone if had said he would have supported the baby. Looks like her Mother had been right when she used to tell Scarlett that it took two to make the baby but one to be left holding it. Scarlett wanted her Mum more than anything right now.

Winter progressed, the snow continued to fall and turn Appaloosa Plains into a scene from a Christmas card.Screenshot.jpg Scarlett’s pregnancy went from strength to strength. Scarlett read baby books and saved simoleans. Screenshot-8.jpgThere was no further contact from Benjamin. Scarlett didn’t contact him again. There was nothing more to be said as far as she was concerned. Benjamin had made his feelings clear and Scarlett was not going to beg. She had her pride.

At a gift giving party the twinges started in the bathroom.Screenshot-28.jpg Scarlett doubled over and clutched her stomach. Could it be? When the pain came again, Scarlett was certain.Screenshot-27.jpg The baby was coming alright. Saying goodbye to the hosts, Scarlett called a cab and went to the hospital. Scarlett felt a mixture of nerves and excitement.Screenshot-30.jpg

A few hours later Scarlett cradled her new-born Daughter in her arms. The baby was so tiny and so soft. Scarlett couldn’t believe this little bundle was all hers. Once the Doctor had said it was okay to go home, Scarlett carefully picked up her baby and headed outside to the taxi waiting outside.

As the taxi arrived back home and once Scarlett had laid the baby in her crib, she heard a knock on the door. Opening it, Scarlett was shocked to see Benjamin push his way into the room. He peered down at his Daughter but made no move to touch her or even get closer.Screenshot-34.jpg “Why are you here?” Scarlett asked. “I just wanted to see it” Benjamin replied. There was a sneer in his tone. “SHE,” Scarlett emphasised. “You said you weren’t interested in us, unless that’s changed….” Scarlett trailed off.Screenshot-36.jpg

“I don’t do family,” Benjamin said. “I haven’t changed my mind” The words stung Scarlett but she was determined not to get upset in front of Benjamin. “Well I guess we are done here then,” Scarlett said. “I think you should go”

“Congratulations” Benjamin said as if saying that made everything okay. With that he was gone.

Scarlett felt completely overwhelmed. So much had happened. Her whole life had changed in the space of one day. As Scarlett gazed down at her new-born she couldn’t believe this little baby was hers. Scarlett had decided the baby’s name was going to be Ryleigh. Scarlett felt terrified at the prospect of being all alone with a baby. But they were better off without Benjamin. “We don’t need some Chuck Norris look-alike,” Scarlett said out loud. “It’s just going to be you and me little one against the world!” screenshot-37


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