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The Callahan Diaries – Entry 3 Its My Party And I’ll Cry If I Want Too!

Dear Diary,

Cassie is no longer a toddler. Makes me sad to write it as its the end of an era but its one less set of diapers to worry about. Cassie was an easy toddler, unlike her Brother Mckenzie. Cassie is out going and loves the sound of her own voice, Mckenzie is sensitive and extremely clingy.  But they get on well so I’m not complaining!02-27-17_10-03-49 PM.png

Well most of the time.

03-04-17_3-31-04 PM.png

Its strange to see my little girl growing up so quickly. Even stranger to think of her starting school.03-06-17_3-05-28 PM.png

I think Cassie is very much like Diego. Speaking of Diego, luckily we have had no more visits from him. Cassie was quite upset we didn’t do anything special for her birthday:03-06-17_2-47-17 PM.pngAnd boy did she show it! Sulking for a full day in her room.  I’m the worst Mother ever apparently. I feel really guilty, we didn’t do anything for it.  For her birthday I got her a drawing table as Cassie loves to paint, crayon and colour. But the lack of cake and party really upset her. I have promised we will do something special soon. It’s just we don’t have a lot of money and Cassie wanted to go to a restaurant but she didn’t want Mckenzie to go. Most likely because of this:03-06-17_3-07-09 PM.pngAnd   this:03-06-17_2-27-55 PM.png

Dining out with a toddler isn’t fun.

But in spite of that, the kids do get on great. When Mckenzie has nightmares at night, its Cassie he goes to:03-06-17_3-01-07 PM.png  Cassie teaches Mckenzie things:03-06-17_3-03-31 PM

And sits with him during meal times:03-06-17_2-57-18 PM.png

They have a great bond:03-06-17_3-21-53 PM.png

I can only hope their relationship is as good with their new sibling. That’s right diary. I’m pregnant again!! I’m in my second trimester. Haven’t told the kids yet. Or the Dad for that matter. I still can’t believe it myself. It’s almost Mckenzie’s birthday too. Just when I thought I was heading out of the toddler era. Think I will be hanging on to Mckenzie’s baby things. Haven’t told Cassie as she was upset enough on her birthday. I’m not sure Mckenzie will understand.

Write again soon,

Madison x



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