The Braverman Legacy · The sims

Chapter 8 The Terrible Twos

Two years have passed since we last visited the Braverman household. Scarlett is still aiming for a promotion at her job at the Elementary school but a promotion seems to be just out of her reach. Scarlett’s Daughter Ryleigh is an energetic  toddler who has the Excitable and Clumsy Traits.


The last thing any parent wants is their child having a tantrum. Particularly at three am.  But being woken regularly through the night was now a way of life for Scarlett.Screenshot-112 Ryleigh had never been a great sleeper. Every time Scarlett heard other Mums talk about how their little ones “slept right through from x number of months” Scarlett wanted to punch them. What was she doing wrong then? Why was her two-year old still getting up several times a night?  Was Scarlett doomed to be exhausted for eternity?

No matter how many baby books Scarlett read, she still hadn’t found an answer. If only Mum was here. She would know what to do.  

It wasn’t all bad of course. Ryleigh is a playful little girl.Screenshot-86.jpg

Scarlett had to admit though she was looking forward to going back to work. She loved spending time with Ryleigh of course, but Scarlett found herself craving other adult company. Scarlett also needed the salary her job as a Teacher’s Aide paid. While the house now had a bedroom, the day was fast approaching when Ryleigh would need her own bedroom.  As Scarlett held her little girl in her arms, she felt overwhelmed by her love for her. It would break her heart to leave her every day for work but Ryleigh would benefit long term. Screenshot-102.jpg

Thanks to Scarlett’s Aunt, Ryleigh has a “special doll” which no matter how much Scarlett discouraged it, Ryleigh always found it again.Screenshot-85.jpg

Since she had been back at work, Scarlett’s colleagues had encouraged her to get back on the dating scene. Scarlett felt nervous about this, after all look what had happened with her last relationship. Benjamin was had dropped off the face off the earth and that was more than okay with Scarlett. She wasn’t in any rush to get back into dating. When would she have the time anyhow? Her life was a merry-go-round of work, Ryleigh, sleep. It may have been lonely but Scarlett didn’t have time for anything else, let alone a guy.

Everything was falling apart around her. Literally. If it wasn’t the sink, it was the toilet or the shower. It was no wonder Scarlett felt stressed all the time. Screenshot-78.jpg

At least Ryleigh was entertained while Scarlett was busy doing DIY:Screenshot-114.jpg

As Scarlett watched the town prepare for Love Day though, she couldn’t help but be swept up in the romance of it all. Perhaps maybe just maybe it was time to get back on the horse? What harm could it do? Mr Right wasn’t going to come knocking on her door, perhaps Scarlett would have to find him…


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