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Chapter 9 A Little Good Luck

Things are starting to look up for the Braverman family – finally! Scarlett puts herself out there and gets some good news at work. Ryleigh learns to walk and finally masters potty training, she will soon be aging to a child. 


Love Day had arrived in Appaloosa Plains. Scarlett had debated with herself all morning weather or not she should go. The fact it was pouring down outside wasn’t much of an incentive to go.

Come six pm, once the rain had stopped. Scarlett decided to go. The festival would close soon and after being cooped up all day with a toddler, Scarlett was starting to feel a little stir crazy.Screenshot-120

As she walked to the park, Scarlett psyched herself up. What was the worst that could happen? Was she a loser for expecting anything to happen at something as cheesy as Love Festival? She would find out soon enough.

Scarlett was disappointed to see the park was empty. Perhaps it was the time of day and most likely due to the weather. Plopping Ryleigh down, Scarlett’s attention was caught by a guy standing behind a booth calling hello to her.  Curiously Scarlett approached him. “Do you want a kiss?” the guy asked Scarlett. He had a kind face and nice eyes she couldn’t help but notice. “Pardon?” Scarlett asked. “A kiss,” the guy repeated pointing at the sign on the booth. “Go on, I’m feeling lonely in here, not had a customer all day!”

“Well we can’t have that” Scarlett replied. Surprised at her reply.Screenshot-121.jpg Leaning in to the booth, their  lips locked for a few minutes and Scarlett felt herself blushing. It had been too long.

“Thanks for that,” the guy said once they had pulled apart. “The festival is over though, see you later!” With that, he put his jacket on and left his booth. Scarlett hadn’t even got his name.

With a spring in her step Scarlett picked up Ryleigh and headed for home. She decided to have an early night as she was back at work tomorrow. As she showered, Ryleigh played happily with her doll Snuggles.Screenshot-127.jpg

All too soon it was six am and Scarlett had to get back up for work. Dragging herself out of bed, she had to fight the very strong temptation to get straight back into it. She had barely showered and given Ryleigh her breakfast before she heard the familiar horn of the car pool.Screenshot-103.jpg

Whilst Scarlett was working her butt off, Ryleigh learned to walk with the help of her baby walker. Screenshot-87

Scarlett got a surprise before she left work for the day. The Headmaster called her into his office and said he was really pleased with her performance, he offered her a promotion to Substiute  teacher which Scarlett accepted. She wasn’t going to turn down an increase in salary!

Arriving home, Scarlett’s good mood was only tainted slightly by a mess in her front yard thanks to the work of a cheeky racoon that had nosed through her trash cans.Screenshot-123.jpg

Just as Scarlett has cleaned up the trash, her phone started to ring. Unknown Number flashed on the screen.  That was strange. “Hello?” Scarlett said placing the phone to her ear.Screenshot-65.jpg

“Um hi, is that Scarlett?” A voice asked nervously. A male voice.

“Yes, this is She”

“Hi, its Kenji… we met at the gym?…” His voice trailed off. Scarlett tried to think who he was, the name did ring a bell. Vaguely. Best not let him know that though. “I remember,” Scarlett said.   “What can I do for you?”  She couldn’t help but wonder what was coming next.  Maybe she had left something there and he had found it?

” I just wanted to see if uh you wanted to get a coffee sometime?” Kenji sounded nervous. Very nervous in fact. That surprised Scarlett. “Okay, sure that sounds nice” Scarlett replied trying to sound nonchalant whilst desperately trying to place Kenji’s face in her mind. “Well great!” Kenji said enthusiastically. “How about -”

Kenji was cut off by an almighty screech from Ryleigh who was sat on the floor playing.Screenshot-106


“I have to go, I’m sorry,” Scarlett said quickly “How about you text me and we can arrange something?” Kenji agreed.

Hanging up the phone. Scarlett let out a breath. Phew. Where had that come from? That was unexpected. Scarlett felt flattered but no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t place Kenji at all.

Maybe he wouldn’t text anyhow. Whoever Kenji was. Maybe she should text him and apologise for having to get off the phone so quick? As Scarlett got ready for bed she decided it could wait until in the morning. Things always looked different then. Maybe she would remember who he was!


One thought on “Chapter 9 A Little Good Luck

  1. Ah, that guy in the kissing booth ❤ I think he's one of the nicest (or should I say: hottest) premades created… too bad he left right after that kiss!
    I wonder about that Kenji though…let's hope he's worth Scarlett's time!


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