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Chapter 10 A New Term & An Unexpected Visitor

Its been a few years for Scarlett and Ryleigh. Scarlett has got promoted to Substitute Teacher and because of that she’s been able to upgrade the house. Ryleigh has aged to a child and has the Excitable, Clumsy and Dare Devil traits.

“Will I like School Mum?” Ryleigh asked during Breakfast on the first day of the new Summer term. Scarlett gazed lovingly at her little Girl, it didn’t seem real her baby was off to school today. Little Ryleigh was growing so fast. The past few years had whizzed by.

Screenshot-131    “Of course you will Ryleigh, you will make a lot of friends and you will have a lot of fun,” Scarlett said confidently.  “And of course the teachers are really nice” Scarlett added with a wink.

“You aren’t teaching me are you Mummy?”

“No Darling, I’m not. I teach a different class”

“Good” Ryleigh said with a cheeky smile as she got down from her seat and went to brush her teeth, ready for her first day at school.

Screenshot-145.jpg As the bus wound its way through the streets on its way to Appaloosa Plains Elementary, Ryleigh couldn’t help but feel scared. What if the other children weren’t nice to her? What if they wouldn’t play with her? At least her Mum would be nearby in case she needed her.

A few hours later though and both Scarlett and Ryleigh needn’t have worried. Ryleigh had made a few friends and she liked her teacher. She enjoyed her day so much she was still talking about it come bedtime that evening as Scarlett read her a bedtime story.Screenshot-147.jpg

“School is so much fun Mummy, we got to play Tag at playtime and the teacher liked my painting!” Ryleigh gushed. Scarlett smiled. She was so happy to see her Daughter had enjoyed her first day. Scarlett didn’t have fond memories of her first day at school. “That’s great Honey,” Scarlett said. “I’m glad you are enjoying it, I told you school would be fun!”

“It’s really fun” Ryleigh agreed.

“I’m glad to hear that,” Scarlett said. “But its time to get some sleep for school in the morning”

“Goodnight Mummy”

“Goodnight Ryleigh, sweet dreams” Scarlett gave her little girl a kiss and crept out the room.

Scarlett had just settled herself at the kitchen table with a book when the door bell rang. Who would it be at this hour? Feeling puzzled Scarlett went to answer the door.

Standing on the door step was a youngish guy with dark brown hair, thick eyebrows and dark eyes.Screenshot-155.jpg “Can I help you?” Scarlett asked feeling confused.

“I’m Kian…” I sent you a message on Simder?”

Simder? Suddennly Scarlett clicked. She remembered signing up for it one lunch time in the staff room, encouraged by her colleagues. That had been a few weeks ago though.  How had this guy got her address?

Kian was also starting to look confused. Across the street, Scarlett could see her neighbours front door open. “Why don’t you come in?” Scarlett asked hurridly. She didn’t want the neighbours getting the wrong impression!

Once inside though, Scarlett had to get to the bottom of how this guy knew where she lived. Screenshot-160.jpg “I have to ask, what are you doing here?” Scarlett asked bluntly.  Kian blinked. “You invited me,”

“I invited you?”

“Yes, earlier today we were chatting. Look” He held his cell phone out and sure enough there was a chat window.

“That wasn’t me,” Scarlett said. “I’ve been working today, I think there’s been a mistake”

“You’re an Elementary Teacher right?” Kian asked, when Scarlett nodded he continued, “You told me that too, we were chatting at lunch time today on Simder?

“That wasn’t me,” Scarlett insisted. “I barely know how to use Simder!” Scarlett was starting to wonder exactly what kind of guy she had invited into her home.

“Why don’t you check your phone?” Kian said sensibly. “It will show you that you have been chatting to me and you invited me over”

Picking up her phone, Scarlett found the Simder App and opened it curiously. Perhaps someone had hacked her phone? How else would this guy know so much about her?

Much to her horror though, the simder app showed a conversation between her and Kian. Scarlett felt horrified. Sure enough she had invited him over this evening “for a coffee”

Except she hadn’t. So who had?

Scarlett then remembered leaving her cell phone in the staff room at lunch time and going to see how Ryleigh was doing. The time stamp on the messages matched the same time she had left the phone unattended. The writing style seemed familiar… wait a second. Rose! Rose was one of the admin staff at the school and Scarlett’s closest colleague. She had been the one nagging Scarlett to get back out there with dating.  Apparently tired of waiting for Scarlett to do it, Rose had made the leap for her.

“This is embarrassing,” Scarlett began slowly. “But you weren’t chatting to me earlier”

” I wasn’t?” Kian asked. “Who was it then?”

“It was my colleague Rose, she’s been nagging me for ages to date” Realising how lame that sounded, Scarlett continued, “I don’t have a lot of luck with guys and she has been trying to get me back out there”

“Oh” Kian sounded disappointed.

“Don’t get me wrong,” Scarlett rushed on, “I didn’t know she was going to do this, I didn’t ask her do this, she did it when I left my phone down”

“That’s a shame,” Kian said softly. “I liked the conversation” He smiled wryly. “I don’t normally do this either, just rock up to women’s homes” Scarlett laughed. “You don’t look like you do”

“But you seemed nice, so I thought I should take a chance,” Kian said. “You don’t often meet nice girls on Simder”

“You seem like a nice guy,” Scarlett said. “I’m going to kill my colleague!”

“I’m embarrassed,” Kian said with a sigh.  “I feel like such an idiot”

“It’s not your fault,” Scarlett said soothingly. “Its not like I get guys knocking on my door a lot”

Kian smiled. “I don’t believe that” Scarlett blushed. She wasn’t sure what to say to that.

“I’m going to go,” Kian said. “But maybe…” He trailed off.


“Maybe we can erm hang out sometime?” He asked hopefully.

“I would like that,” Scarlett said. And she meant it. “But next time, make sure you are chatting to me and not someone else!”

Scarlett entered her number into Kian’s phone.  He probably won’t call, he just feels obligated to get my number as hes embarrassed. Screenshot-161.jpgSaying goodbye to Kian, Scarlett glanced at her novel that lay forgotten on the kitchen table. Who needs a book right now,  I’ve had enough crazy for one night!


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