The Callahan Diaries: From 0 to 100 Babies · The sims

Entry 4 – A Very Memorable Family Day Out

Dear Diary,

Well its been a while, sorry about that!

Mckenzie is all grown up. He is now at elementary school alongside Cassie. Where has the time gone? My baby boy has grown into an active, energetic little boy.03-30-17_12-27-56 PM.png

Mckenzie with his big sister Cassie. Speaking of Cassie, don’t let the sweet and innocent smile fool you, Cassie has a rebellious streak I totally didn’t have when I was a kid. Lets just say her teacher and I are very familiar with each other.


We have a new member of our family and also the real reason I haven’t had a chance to write in so long.03-30-17_5-38-57 PM.pngMeet Ruby. Otherwise known as the fussiest toddler on earth. At least according to Mckenzie she is. I will say she is the fussiest of my three children to date. Ruby knows what she wants and when she wants it, she wants it NOW.

Take for example last weekend. A new bowling alley has opened in a nearby neighbourhood. Cassie and Mckenzie were so excited about it and managed to persuade me to take them. “There is a baby room Mum it will be fine” they said.

That’s the last I listen to them.

Technically speaking, they are right. There is a baby room. Problem was Ruby wasn’t interested in it. While her siblings bowled with various degrees of success, Ruby kept herself occupied.04-03-17_4-33-24 PM.png 04-03-17_4-32-34 PM.png

04-03-17_4-32-07 PM.png

04-03-17_4-20-18 PM.png

What was Ruby doing whilst her siblings were bowling?

Yelling at complete strangers and demanding they read her stories.04-03-17_4-24-46 PM.png

Cassie and Mckenzie laughed but I didn’t. I’ve never been so embarrassed.

And after the mess Ruby left on the floor around the potty, I think it will be a long, long time before she sets foot in the bowling alley again.

In other news I think this person may make a good bowling partner and more04-03-17_4-08-41 PM.png






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