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Behind Closed Doors -A Prologue

Deep in the heart of San Myshuno is an apartment building. Nestled away in the Spice District, it’s the kind of place that doesn’t attract a lot of attention. But within Culpepper House lies a community.  Its a place where you can knock on your neighbour’s door at nine pm asking to borrow a cup of sugar, its the kind of place where people look out for each other. Living in close quarters has brought the residents close together. But no matter how well you think you know your  neighbours, each household is harbouring their own secrets…In Number Sixteen: No one has really got to know the new guy that’s just moved in. Mama’s boy Nathan Robinson is living it up in his state of the art bachelor pad (that he isn’t paying for) chasing dreams of stardom. Is something from his past about to catch up with him and end his care free bachelorhood?

10-09-17_9-39-18 PM.png

There may be a string of women through the door; but none as frequently as Mama Robinson  keeping a close eye on her twenty year old.

In Number Seventeen: Ambitious Deena dreams of conquering the Art World.10-10-17_4-44-23 PM.pngBrand new to the City, Deena long to get out and get to know her new home town. If she happens to meet a possible Mr Right or two what’s the harm?

In Number Eighteen: Fresh from their latest scandal, Suzanne Moffat moved her two daughters Abigail and Rosie to San Myshuno for a fresh start.10-10-17_5-27-53 PM.png

Lets just say poor Abigail is hoping that in her next school, her Mum won’t be enjoying more “parent-teacher conferences” with the Principal…

Finally in Apartment Nineteen:  Newly- weds Seth and Louise Cummings are just settling into married life.

10-10-17_4-40-28 PM.png10-10-17_4-38-07 PM

But is married life all its cracked up to be? Not if the rumours that there is constant noise coming from their apartment true.

No matter how well  you think you know your neighbours, you never really what goes on behind closed doors…


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