Behind Closed Doors · The sims

Chapter 1-New Beginnings, familiar faces

I still wasn’t used to waking up to the ambiance of a big city. Greeted every morning by the sounds of the food stall worker’s calling for business, the sounds of people on their daily commute and the train line nearby.10-10-17_10-19-19 PM.png

Sitting up groggily, I realised I must have fallen asleep on the couch again last night. Last night’s Game stream had lasted way longer than I intended. Dragging myself into the kitchen I started throwing together some breakfast.10-10-17_10-16-47 PM.png  I considered my options for the day. There was the GeekCon Festival today I had heard (which sounded mildly interesting) I could go to the gym or I could go busking.

I know busking sounds totally lame. But it isn’t. It’s a great way to get my voice out in San Myshuno and as I keep telling my Mother even Ed Sheerhan had to start out somewhere.  Not that impresses her. She probably thinks he is a classmate of mine from school. Mothers just don’t understand.

As I ate my breakfast, my phone beeped with a text: Want to play online- 5 minutes?

Seth, a neighbour of mine. We often play games online. C u in 5 I replied and went to set up my console.10-10-17_10-13-40 PM.pngSo three hours later I was ready to go for the day. It was lunchtime and I badly needed out the apartment. Grabbing my gym bag, I headed out. The gym is in walking distance so I took the scenic route. I’m still trying to get used to San Myshuno. Even though I’ve been here a few weeks, I still feel like a tourist. I mean how often do you see this in your neighbourhood?

10-10-17_9-47-35 PM.png10-10-17_9-39-31 PM.png

I could just imagine my Mum’s face if this had been in my home town of Desiderata Valley: 10-10-17_10-42-19 PM.pngThe locals would have had a fit.

As I arrived at the gym I was surprised to see it wasn’t that busy. I had heard this gym had new rock climbing walls and I was eager to try them out.10-12-17_1-43-02 PM.pngThis is easy enough10-12-17_1-46-20 PM.png

Uh oh, maybe not.10-12-17_1-48-09 PM.png

I think the only thing hurt is my pride. Sitting up, praying no one else had seen my spectacular fall from grace; I heard a booming laugh.

“Nate! Fall on your ass dude?”

Looking up, its Seth.10-12-17_1-49-00 PM.png   Clad only in a towel. I’m not going to ask. “I’m fine, man” I said, scrambling to my feet quickly. “That wall is really tough” Seth nodded. “That was the funniest wipe out I’ve seen for a while though,” He laughed. “I wish I had filmed it and put it on Simstagram!”

I rolled my eyes.  Seth is still speaking but my attention has been taken by a girl climbing the wall behind Seth. Blond, petite, it can’t be…. whats her name…. can it?10-12-17_1-51-49 PM.png  Seth continues chatting about football I think but I’m only half listening. Keeping an eye on the girl, I watch as she moves from the climbing wall to the other side of the gym. She puts on a pair of boxing gloves and starts training. I get a good look at her face.10-12-17_1-52-53 PM.png

Shit its her. No doubt about it. What is her name though? I rack my brain furiously.  Hanna, Lea, Anna.. Anna! That’s it!  We did a musical together a few years back, she came back to my place after the after show party… That was a good night.

I better move though because if she sees me she might decide to use me to box with.

Making excuses to Seth, I get the hell out of the gym as fast as possible. I cannot believe it. What are the chances?! I haven’t seen that girl in years.

I stop in at a bar on the way home, I think I deserve a drink after seeing Anna again.10-12-17_12-36-37 PM.png

A few more drinks later and I had forgotten all about her and I’m belting some tunes, imagining its a sold out concert rather than a little room.10-12-17_12-38-39 PM.pngOn my way home, my phone beeps. Crap what if its Anna? Taking my phone out, I squint at the screen. Nathan, I request a breakfast meeting, tomorrow morning at 11 am at the Diner. See you then – Mum

I sigh. My mother ladies and gentlemen. No “How are you doing?” I’m tempted to reply something cheeky but stop. My Mum has a sense of humour bypass. Instead I reply that I will be there. Letting myself into the apartment, I’m shocked that it’s just after midnight. What a day!

Bright and early next morning I meet my Mum as requested. 10-12-17_2-05-16 PM.png     We get the pleasantries out the way first. We talk about my Aunt’s new baby and I make interested noises, the weather and then she just comes out with it.

“Nathan whatever are you doing with your life?”

My Mum asks this about once a fortnight. “Well I’m living independently “My Mum made a face but I carried on.  10-12-17_2-07-12 PM.png

“I’m making music and performing on a regular basis around the city, I stream games on the internet.. my life isn’t as bad as you think it is Mum”  I said.

“Nathan, you are so much more than this! I could get you a good job, earning good money, that’s what attracts a woman! Mu mum said all this very quickly as if she had been bottling it for years rather than weeks.

” I told you before Mum, I don’t want a job in your boring office!” I said indignantly. “Or are you saying that women are only attracted to men who have money?”

“Of course that’s not what I’m saying! Don’t be so difficult Nathan and for your information I don’t work in a “boring office”10-12-17_2-09-50 PM.png   “You don’t?” I say incredulously? “Since when?”

“Two years ago” Mum replies smugly.


Silence falls over the table. How could I not have known my Mum changed jobs?? This is our relationship though. We talk but don’t really talk. Quick change the subject.

“So what are you up to this evening?” I ask politely. “I’m going to see a show” Mum says taking a forkful of her spinach casserole. “In the city?” I ask. She nods. Mum starts to talk about the show and I nod politely.  The meal finishes up soon after. I say goodbye to Mum and I head home.10-12-17_2-11-28 PM.png




The next morning I’m in the middle of a gaming session when I hear a knock on the door. Pausing the game, I set the controller down and go to answer the door.

Opening the door, my face falls. 10-12-17_2-44-04 PM.png

“Hello Nate, long time no see”  says an all too familar voice.



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