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The Sims 4 on Console!

Hey Everyone, So as you probably know by now The Sims 4 is coming to to  both Ps4 and XBox one on November 17. This is exciting as for the first time ever The Sims 4 console will be identical to the PC version. (But without all DLC at launch) I've played every console release… Continue reading The Sims 4 on Console!

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I’m back!

Hey everyone, Apologies for my absence over summer. Due to personal reasons I haven't been blogging much. My bad! However that will be changing. Life has calmed down, I can now game and more importantly write! I have a new story which I will be starting. I am considering doing a challenge but sometimes I… Continue reading I’m back!

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Chapter 13 -Social Media Has A Lot To Answer For

Ryleigh continues to feel under pressure from her Mum, whilst Scarlett is still completely oblivious.  Meanwhile, Scarlett redeems more than a few coupons at the Fall Festival.... Ryleigh stared down at the page in front of her. The numbers made no sense. Who cared about fractions and long division. It's not like I'm ever going to… Continue reading Chapter 13 -Social Media Has A Lot To Answer For

The Braverman Legacy

Chapter 12 -Dancing & Dating

Scarlett is excited about a new development in her life, meanwhile Ryleigh starts to feel resentful...   Scarlett was still walking on air from her call yesterday with Kian. She was ecstatic, he had finally called. They had agreed he would come over that night. Scarlett was a bag of nerves, it was her first real date in years, so… Continue reading Chapter 12 -Dancing & Dating

The Braverman Legacy · The sims

Chapter 11 – Leisure Day Fun

Still reeling from her unexpected visitor the night before last, Scarlett's thoughts turn to Leisure Day which is fast approaching. Ryleigh is oblivious to her Mum being more than a little distracted.         Ryleigh sighed. The worst thing about having your Mum work at your school meant you couldn't get away with… Continue reading Chapter 11 – Leisure Day Fun

The Braverman Legacy · The sims

Chapter 10 A New Term & An Unexpected Visitor

Its been a few years for Scarlett and Ryleigh. Scarlett has got promoted to Substitute Teacher and because of that she's been able to upgrade the house. Ryleigh has aged to a child and has the Excitable, Clumsy and Dare Devil traits. "Will I like School Mum?" Ryleigh asked during Breakfast on the first day of the… Continue reading Chapter 10 A New Term & An Unexpected Visitor